Cambridge Brown Tweed Wedding Vest
Cambridge Brown Tweed Wedding Fullback Vest.

The Cambridge Brown Tweed Wedding Vest is a new vest perfet for wedding with or without coat.

Vest has high button notch lapel, matching brown tweed fabric on back of vest, breast pocket for pocket square, and more! Elegant with coat or perfect for no coat more casual look! Also now available in Boys Fullback Vests! Choose  from Boy's BS,-BXL Men's XS - 5XLL 


Wedding Saver Cambridge Package 

$135 Includes Any:  Deco Vest, Pant, Shirt, Tie, Pocket Square

Grooms Tuxedo Rental Free - with 5 Paid Rentals

($10 Damage Waiver and Tax on all Rentals)

Milroy's Tuxedos Guarantees the Best Rental Price!

Visit Store for details.

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