Thursday, February 13, 2020

Are you or a friend engaged to be married in Central Iowa?  Milroy's Tuxedos is so excited to participate in Iowa’s First Digital Wedding Show - the Amazing Wedding Race!  Hosted by The Riverbend Collective in partnership with Creative DSM, couples compete from the comfort of their couch to win AMAZING wedding prizes, including prizes from your favorite locally owned suit and tux shop, Milroy's Tuxedos :).


How the Amazing Wedding Race Works

First of all, get registered for the online wedding show:


Starting February 16, couples will compete in 3 rounds of competition, including setting a budget together, answering vendor trivia (from the comfort of a couch), and then asking their tribe for social votes.  This wedding show is unlike any other where engaged couples compete to win AMAZING wedding prize packages, and pushy sales booths are strictly prohibited.  (Entries accepted until March 14, 2020 for this race).



Photo : Mae Photography // Venue: The Driftless // Host and Styling: Christina Ney // Furniture and Table Settings: Borrow My Vintage

Milroy's Tuxedos Amazing Wedding Race Trivia

Are you ready for a Cheat Sheet to win Amazing Wedding Prizes in Central Iowa?  Let us help you:


  1. Where are Milroy’s Tuxedo Retail Locations in Iowa?

Milroy’s Tuxedos has 5 retail locations across Iowa, including Des Moines, ames, Cedar Falls, Dubuque, and our corporate headquarters in Waterloo.  In fact, with a warehouse located in-state, our customers can take advantage of overnight shipping insuring the best fitting suit or tuxedo for your big day.

  1. Is Milroy’s Tuxedos a rent or purchase groomsmen attire shop?

Milroy’s Tuxedos has a rent or buy program that allows each member of the bridal party to choose the most cost effective route for their lifestyle.  That means the groom or groomsmen who works a desk job can purchase his wedding suit, where the rest of the group has the option to just rent the suit for the day!

  1. What is My Wedding At a Glance?

My wedding at a glance is an online portal on our website allowing couples to log in and check the status of their order, such as:

  • Review your wedding tuxedo order

  • Contact your wedding concierge with any questions

  • Know the status of each of your wedding party’s order

  • Send a reminder email directly to wedding party members


<< Are you ready to make an appointment?  Use this link >>

Bonus Points to Win the Amazing Wedding Race

Don’t forget, you get an additional 50 points added to your Amazing Wedding Race trivia score by stopping in and checking out our color selection in store.

Confirm that you have stopped in to Milroy's Tuxedos by sending a message here. {link to email to: [email protected]}


Wedding Prizes from Milroy's Tuxedos

So now you’re probably wondering what prizes we are giving away for the Amazing Wedding Race February 16-March 31?  Well, let us tell you!


Grand Prize: $500 Off Your Wedding Party Tuxedos

The winners of the Amazing Wedding Race digital wedding show will win $500 towards their group tuxedo rental! Applied to full tuxedo rental only. This prize is non-transferable and non-redeemable for cash value.

Runner Up Prize: Free Grooms Tuxedo Rental

With a purchase of 4 or more groomsmen tuxedo rentals, the runner up for the Amazing Wedding Race online wedding show will win a free grooms tuxedo rental!

Swag Bag Coupon: $50 Off Wedding Party Tuxedo Rental

This prize is offered to ANY contestant of the Amazing Wedding Race! Get $50 off your full wedding party tux rentals by participating in the digital wedding show.


Bonus Points to Win the Amazing Wedding Race

Don’t forget, you get an additional 40 points added to your Amazing Wedding Race trivia score by reviewing our vendors on facebook.

Here is a link to our facebook page

*Based on availability, if the your tuxedo is already purchased, you may forgo this portion of the Amazing Wedding Package. All prizes are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash value*

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